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Let them eat cake[s]

So, a wee while back I promised a few foodie photos of things from the OldByreSkye gallery cafe, and here they are.  All sweet things at the moment – I’m working on how to make a bowl of soup look special in a photograph…


Bakewell tart and price tag in the refrigerated cabinet. Cheap at the price…


Cranachan cheesecake, the house speciality. Looking very yellow from the very free-range eggs, and very pink from the luscious raspberries!

chocolate fudgesml

Bitter chocolate fudge cake, with flake on top as a little light relief. [And no, the cake isn’t available with WiFi…]

coffee cakesml

Finally, a rather glossy looking coffee and walnut cake just oozing with coffee glace icing. And lots of walnuts.

If it’s making you feel hungry, you know where we are, so come on down.  But wait until 14:00 tomorrow, as we only do half day on Saturday.  Turn-over day and all that.  Now, an apple turn-over – there’s an idea…

Currently listening to: When the Circus comes to Town – Bert Jansch.


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One thought on “Let them eat cake[s]

  1. EA Brown on said:

    Hi Neil, There’s an office full of women drooling over your cake photos!

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