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All Quiet on the Western Front

It was quiet on Friday morning.   Very quiet.   Usually there is the crunch of tyres on gravel, or the early morning buzz of power tools; the singing of saws .   But it was quiet….

There was, however, a reason.  The builders have finished, packed up, and gone.  In other words, the gallery/cafe is built.  There’s a day’s work left for the plumber to fit the hot water heaters, and a day for the electrician (when he finally arrives) to fit the lights and panel heaters, but apart from that, it’s more or less down to us to finish the decorating and fitting out.  It’s very odd without the builders around as they’ve been here since March when they built the new bridge, with a few weeks out here and there when the other trades were in.  What with them having done the apartment last year they had almost become part of the family.

the OldByreSkye gallery/cafe.

Beneath a towering sky, gleaming in the sunlight, sits the OldByreSkye gallery/cafe, with a wire sticking out by the front door…

So what’s to paint?  Well, the ceiling needs touching up, the ‘hanging’ walls need a coat of light grey.  The kitchen and toilet need a coat of washable paint. and there are still some doors and door frames and the skirting board.  And the slat panels.  And the gallery rail to put up.


The gallery from the north-west end. Compare and contrast with the image in the previous post. Oh, and the green thing isn’t an art installation either…

I’ve also managed to install wi-fi in the gallery using a pair of powerline adapters.  [These use a building’s electrical wiring as ethernet cables – plug one adapter into the mains and connect it to your router by cable, and another into another electrical socket in the building and, with any luck, you are away].  I wasn’t sure if it would work out to the gallery, but the electrics run as a spur out of the main distribution board in the house, so there don’t seem to be any problems – it was just ‘plug and play’.  Now to configure the wi-fi adapter in the gallery as a ‘guest’ that can’t see the rest of the network, with its own security.

But it’s nearly there.  Just the trades to finish and Building Control to sign off.  Just the final push.  Just like they said on the Western Front…

Currently listening to: Quercus – June Tabor/Iain Ballamy/Huw Warren


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2 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. It has a very quiet and dignified physical presence. Congratulations on a project almost complete – took a far shorter time than a certain website we built years ago!

  2. Hi Chamira. It doesn’t seem much shorter than that other build at times! However, this time round we don’t intend opening and then closing again after ten minutes because no-one can get in and everything is falling down… It will be an achievement if we actually get anyone in in the first ten minutes!

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