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Is that a date?

Tide and time move on. Days drift into weeks and the weeks wash into months… but we [hopefully] have an opening date for the gallery and cafe at OldByreSkye.  If all goes well, we will open on Thursday 1 August.  There is much to be done, but it is all coming together at a frightening pace.  Most importantly, the gallery is now plaster-boarded [to be taped and filled next week], and the flooring and fixtures and fittings are mostly ordered, if not already sitting in various boxes around the house.


Well and truly plastered [well, plaster-boarded anyway…]

The thing that really pleases me at the moment is the quality of the light in the gallery.  There are no windows in the walls as we need the walls for hanging space.  The two exterior doors are 50% glazed, but most of the natural light comes from the Velux windows in the roof and even with the sun out this afternoon it’s a wonderfully soft light that makes the room feel airy and relaxing: all this despite Building Standards being concerned that there would be insufficient natural light.

view from the loo

The view from the loo [or at least until the door is fitted!]  And no, that isn’t an art installation by the front door…

The fly in the ointment may, however, be the aforementioned Building Standards.  Although we may well be finished by 1 August, will we be far enough on to be able to submit a Completion Certificate in time to be inspected?  Watch a space very near here…

Currently listening to: Evergreen – Lau vs Karine Polwart  [‘Lau’ is an Orcadian word meaning “natural light”.  Appropriate really…]


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