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Progress, progress…

It’s been a while since I posted anything on how the gallery build is progressing [although if you follow us on FaceBook you will have seen more recent pictures: if you don’t, sign up immediately!]  Things are progressing apace.  The outside isn’t that far off being finished.  The extensions have their larch cladding and roof flashings.  The new door has been cut out and the old garage doors have been blocked up [quite literally] and await the final coat of plaster.  It’s all looking rather smart.  Inside is still largely just a shell, although the extensions have already been insulated. Next major step is the floor in the ‘old’ building, which has to be built up so that it can be insulated – the ‘new build’ has insulation under the concrete base so just has to be raised up to meet the new section.  The old concrete floor is somewhat less than even and there has been much muttering and drilling out and smoothing over, but it’s looking good, even if I did go skidding over the floor last Saturday as I didn’t know there was a patch of wet concrete!


All looking good: but what is the piece of wood doing on the extension roof?

At the top of the drive the dreaded SDB2 is taking shape.  Taking shape rather quickly, as in one day it has gone from being something on a plan to being ready for tarmacing, following the addition of 100 tonnes of crushed rock of various grades and some nifty work with an excavator. Whereas before it was a concave slope with an awkward lip at the top it now has a wide flat junction with the road.  Our builders got their van up it second go before it had been rolled – I tried it in the Jimny [in four-wheel drive] and glided serenely to the top.  Since it has been rolled it’s been fine – they’ve been driving in and out all day today.  It gets tarmaced on Thursday. I then need to quickly put some marker stakes up as it’s a steep drop if you come off the edge!  The fence will go up in a couple of weeks when the soil has settled.


Now, if I just reverse a little bit more, there’ll be a large pile of stones and no digger…

We’ve started some planting around the finished end of  the car-park although the final layer of gravel has still to be added.  Time to start ordering the fixtures and fittings: after all, it’s only money…

Currently listening to: The Vice of the People – The Albion Band


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