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Time o’ the signs…

Things have been quite busy here although we’re a bit behind on the online stuff as we both succumbed to the bug that is doing the rounds on Skye at the moment.  [No, not the dread highland midge – that comes later!]  So what signs of progress are there to report?

OldByreSkye sign

A sign of things to come…

Sign the first: a smart new brushed aluminium sign at the end of the drive with the logo which, for the moment, serves to help our guests in the holiday let find the property.  It will probably end up on the gallery itself as the roadside sign needs to announce the cafe and gallery much more prominently to catch drive-bys, but it makes a statement for the moment.  I’m now in the process of painting a stenciled sign to go beneath it saying ‘Opening Summer 2013’ before we get people driving down looking far a cafe!


4 star for you…

Sign the second:  the Scottish Tourist Board 4-star logo in the front window of the let.  We  have been sitting on is news for a little while – we had the final inspection and grading a few weeks ago, but have been waiting for the official letter before ‘going public’.  We’re obviously very pleased with the grading – it took a little extra push following the initial advisory visit but the results have been well worth it.  You learn about all sorts of things, like the merits of Egyptian cotton linen [and its demerits, such as cost!], the perceived [rather than actual] benefits of different makes of crockery and saucepans, what makes a carpet ‘excellent’ rather than ‘very good’, and how close to an upstairs window an inspector should stand when suggesting re-skimming a ceiling. [We didn’t – re-skim or defenestrate…]

Currently listening toElectric – Richard Thompson [If you buy this, be sure to get the deluxe version with the added bonus disc – three of the four tracks that are off the same sessions as the main album could easily replace some of the songs chosen for the final album.   And it includes the wondrous Auldie Riggs from Cabaret of Souls  – a classic piece of  dark, broad Thompson music-hall sung by an unrepentant, mass-murdering sailor…


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