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One year on – adventures in blogging

This week marked the first anniversary of the OldByreSkye blog*, which means we’re not far off our first anniversary on Skye, but that anniversary can wait for its own post.

The graphic below comes from the WordPress webstats and shows in crude terms the overall and relative reach of this blog in its first year.

A year of blogging

A year of blogging – lies, damn lies and webstats…

It shows that there have been nearly 3000 views in the year, although says nothing of the number of visitors, as WordPress didn’t start recording this until week 49 of 2012.  It’s not a huge number, but at least there have been no dead days where absolutely no-one (except me!) has looked at the blog (thanks mom!). It also reveals that there have been visitors from all continents excluding Antarctica, which isn’t represented on the map anyway…

A few notes of caution and elucidation.   Webstats always need to be viewed with caution as they invariably miss things or mislead.  In WordPress’s case they seems to ignore those logged into the WordPress system.  I say this because there have been regular instances of people ‘liking’ or commenting on posts who are fellow WordPress bloggers, but whose country of origin does not show on the day’s stats.  Sometimes you also get a lot of views (or ‘hits’) in a day, but the advent of visitor stats reveals that these are often multiple views by the same visitor.

As regards the geographic distribution, nearly 90 per cent of views were from the UK, which is to be expected.  The rest of the top five are United States (US), South Africa, Australia, Finland, closely followed by Sri Lanka.  Can I explain this?  The US is probably the ‘top’ blogging nation; South Africa is a total mystery and came in a few concentrated bursts; for Australia I have a cousin who reads the blog, and a follower; Finland is again a total mystery, and Sri Lanka is most likely a former work colleague (hi Chamira!).

I didn’t manage a post a week, but 36 isn’t too bad, and is better than once a fortnight.  So I’ll be aiming to bore you more often and more rigidly in the coming year than last!

*Blog is, of course, a portmanteau word derived from ‘web’ and ‘log’.  According to today’s WordPress stats there are currently over 61 million WordPress blogs alone, although this doesn’t mean they are all active or that anybody reads them.  Technology has brought us to a place where it is likely that more people are writing for recreation than at any time in history, but we are constantly told that fewer people than ever are reading for pleasure.  Something doesn’t add up and it’s probably shallow research not revealing or accepting that people read on-line……

Currently listening toLonesome Dreams – Lord Huron [think Fleet Foxes lite.  Not the only thing that was ‘lite’.  iTunes couldn’t download the album artwork, until I noticed that the CD’s own metadata had the title spelled incorrectly and I corrected it!  Good album though…]


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2 thoughts on “One year on – adventures in blogging

  1. Congrats on the anniversary and achievement – from Australia and someone who is not your cousin (might skew the stats!)

  2. Hello Neil,

    Just keeping Sri Lanka on the map!

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