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Weather Report

No, this isn’t a belated record review or celebration of the departed – Joe died back in 2007, although Wayne is still going strong at age 79.*  It’s what you thought it was: a report on the weather…

Despite what has been happening in the rest of the UK, we haven’t had snow here, although we see plenty looking over to the Cuillins.  What we have had is wind.  We’ve had two gales in the past couple of weeks that were both stronger than any last year, and both blew for a couple of days, rather than just twelve hours or so.  Dunvegan weather station recorded gusts up to 54mph, so you can probably add 10-20% to that over here, and some more over the other side of the road if there is a westerly component in the wind (as there usually is), as we get a surprising amount of shelter being down below road level.  The first gale was unusual in that it was from the south-east, on the gable end of the let.  Pleasing to report that the new bedroom window there is weatherproof!

G clamp

Mark 1 Skye window catch, model G [pat pending]

No real damage done although I’ve done some remedial work on the fence where a few bits were coming loose and put some draft excluder on the utility room window.  This gave Puzzle the excuse to climb out of said window, even though the front door was open [our front door opens into the utility room] and then jump on the fence and go for a walk on the roof.  The window, however, now won’t hold properly on the catch and is being held shut with a G-clamp while the draft excluder compresses, so I may have to replace the catch.  Life on Skye is one long improvisation – a bit like jazz really…

*For those who haven’t worked out what I was rabbiting on about (which was the general idea), Weather Report was a seminal jazz ‘fusion’ group (a fairly meaningless term as jazz isn’t a pure form, but then what music is?) founded in 1971.  The central members, through a shifting lineup, were keyboard player Joe Zawinul and saxophonist Wayne Shorter.  Jazz – see what I did there, how I started and end the blog – clever eh?  Oh please yourselves…

Currently listening toRace the Loser: Lau [which isn’t jazz, but folk, or avant-folk to those who are afraid of the continuing evolution of musical and other creative forms.  Don’t get me started…]

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