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Can I Face it…

or, Brought to Book

So, we’re now on Facebook.  Yes, I know we’re both on Facebook individually, but OldByreSkye now has its own page.  Or rather, Oldbyreskye has its own page, as the grammar fascists at Facebook won’t allow unusual capitalisation, as if it’s any of their business how anyone chooses to capitalise a name.  Yes, I know it’s their site, but after all, iPod seems to be allowed (perhaps because Zuckerberg is in thrall to Apple) – so maybe we should have called ourselves iByre and painted the house silver with a large kumquat on the side, or some such nonsense [although I should warn you that ‘iByre’ is now my intellectual property!].

OldByreSkye Facebook cover

OldByreSkye Facebook cover [it’s actually a masthead, but that would be too ‘oldtech’ for mister Zuckerberg and the children…]

There’s not much on the Facebook page at the moment – the blog is still where it’s at, and the photographic collection isn’t leaving Zenfolio any time soon – but it will build with time, and you can always ‘like’ us.  As we’re a business, I’m afraid we can’t be your ‘Friends’, but you could always come and see us when we’re open so we can be real friends!

Re-engaging with Facebook has reminded me just how clunky and controlling it is [see above rant about capitalisation]. For instance, as a ‘local business’ it will display our telephone number in a preset field on the main page, but not something more useful like our website address.  This is the world-wide web , but Facebook doesn’t want you to go out into the wide world, away from its own walled garden – hey, you can do everything here [badly].  More to the point, if you go to another site Facebook can’t make money out of you – remember, if something on the web is free, you, the user, are the product, and Facebook urgently needs to work out how to make money out of you to justify its over-inflated, but sinking, market value…

And, of course, Facebook pages remain an informational and aesthetic disaster area with long scrolling pages, icons all over the page, different types of information scattered hither thither, and largely full of inane drivel.  I should feel right at home…

Currently listening toShoot Out the Lights – Richard and Linda Thompson [and waiting for the forthcoming release of  Electric].


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