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Two steps forwards…

Things continue to progress at the ‘Byre.

Most importantly, we received planning permission for the gallery/cafe conversion this week, and the building warrant should be through next week.  No surprises.  As expected, we have to improve the bellmouth [where the driveway meets the road]: in particular we need an SDB2 [as opposed to an SBD2 which was a second world war American dive bomber, although one of those might be useful in dealing with certain aspects of local government bureaucracy…] .  An SDB2 is a small service bay on the main road, with room for two vehicles to pass on the first eight meters of the driveway: not quite as easy as it sounds as the road and driveway meet on embankment, the drive being about 30 meters long, rising up to meet the main road after crossing the burn.  Otherwise everything is pretty much as planned.

Here’s an artist’s impression of the gallery, made by superimposing the side elevation from the plans over a photograph of the garage, adding a bit of modelling and ‘cloning’ the gravel to form a car park.

Artists impression of the cafe/gallery (assuming I'm an artist!)

Artist’s impression of the cafe/gallery (assuming that I’m an artist!)

Once building work starts we will obviously have to be mindful of the holiday apartment and try to minimise disruption, as we are starting to get bookings.  I would imagine that the most disruptive phase will be the groundworks (foundations, drains, car-park, drive), and as they are the first things to do they will hopefully be out of the way before the main holiday season arrives. [Hopefully most of the work will be out of the way by then!] We intend to move a few fences so the apartment has its own enclosed garden area, and if we can do that sooner rather than later it might also help.

Also, at the end of the week we completed our Elementary Food Hygiene Certificates [equivalent to the Level 2 Food Safety Award south of the border (though not down Mexico way!)] which fulfills our training obligations  for running the cafe side of the business.  We met with environmental health before we put in the planning application, and so far they have been very helpful.

If there are two steps forwards, there must, of course, be one step back – and not just to admire the view.  At the moment the garage is rather full, not least of bits and pieces left behind by the previous owners.  Where is it all going to go??

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