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The best laid plans…

The big news at the ‘Byre this month is that the plans for the photographic gallery and cafe have been completed, and are now with the Highland Council.  What this means in the short-term is successive demands for money.  Money for the planning application.  More money for the planning application as they decide the plans constitute ‘change of use’.  Money for Building Standards (fee based on their valuation of the work, which fortunately matches ours!)  More money for planning as planning applications have to be advertised in the local paper (and given that there are at least three or four a week, they must make a tidy profit!)

The best laid plans of mice and men (and cats)…

Now the waiting game begins.  The official notifications have gone out to our neighbours – anyone within 20 metres of the curtilage – which on Skye means about three people, who have 21 days to mak any comments.  The notification should be in the paper this week, which has a 14 day response period, so comments should be closed before Christmas.  Hopefully we will have building quotes in by the end of the week as well.

It’s not a huge job – basically  weatherproofing and insulating the existing garage, re-roofing, and adding an extension to the rear gable for the WC and store, and another extension to the side for a small kitchen.  Most of the windows will be rooflights, to allow us to keep the walls for display and avoid too much direct light on the display walls.

The wait begins – the plans had best not gang aglay…

Currently listening to:  the Jimny getting its MOT (written in the service reception of Kenny’s Garage, Dunvegan!)


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3 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. Good luck with it all – keeping our fingers crossed down south!

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