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A room of one’s own

I haven’t posted on  the blog for a while.  Don’t worry – I still love you all, but things have been a little busy of late.  I’ve got a number of posts almost complete, so I’ll be all over the web like a rash next week.

The main recent development is that we’ve got the builders in (after our travails with building control) – and very good they seem to be to (I’ll name names when things are finished!)  As I wrote way-back-when, one of the strands of the new business will be a holiday let, formed from the annex at the end of the house that used to be the B&B accommodation.  The upstairs bedroom was repainted and refurnished some time ago (and two relatives have already slept in it!), but the main job is knocking through the downstairs bedroom, breakfast room and en suite to give an open plan lounge/diner/kitchen.  This has meant putting in two stand-down beams and doubling-up some of the joists as well as the associated plumbing/electrical/general refurbishing work.  It’s looking like a really good space – with the walls gone it’s triple aspect so it’s nice and light.

A rom of one's own...

A room of one’s own.  Piano inspects the site works.

The kitchen and flooring will be delivered on Monday.  We already have the fridge/freezer and washer/drier – the compact dishwasher and hob and oven will be built in.  And we’ve also got the TV, hi-fi, sofa, bookcase, floorlamp. supply of books, CDs, videos, cuddly toy, conveyor belt…  We might yet be open for business in September: Christmas/New Year bookings anyone?

Currently listening toGlorious fool –  John Martyn.  Perfect to recycle for the Republican Party’s adoption of Romney/Ryan…


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