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Streaming cats

The perils of Piano and Puzzle: part 4

[Maow – about time too.  Our public needs us!]

It has come to my attention that “The Perils of” series are the most popular posts on this blog.  I haven’t told Piano and Puzzle this.  As cats, they already know that the world is theirs, so the blog must be theirs as well.  We all know that the interweb is made of cats, so it is only natural that they should contribute to this dominance of human affairs.  So here’s some more…

Piano walks on water

Piano walks on water…

Piano and Puzzle have been taking advantage of the effects of the prolonged dry spell.  The burn at the front of the house [it has a name – the Allt a’ Mhulaig] is so low that the boys can walk across, or even along,  it without getting their paws wet.  Hanging around the burn is not, however, without risk.  A few weeks ago we were calling them in for dinner – they had gone up to the agricultural shed next door to play at farm cats – when there was a commotion just out of line of sight.  Suddenly Puzzle emerged at full speed and flew across the branch of the burn that runs at the side of the house, pursued by a very irate mother duck, head down, charging, and literally in a flap.  Puzzle in full flight is a sight to behold.  He does not arc gracefully over obstacles, but rather throws himself into the air, legs akimbo, like superman doing star jumps.  To his credit he didn’t high-tail it into the house but stopped and turned and might well have gone back for another look had we not been there.  Of course, there were ducklings everywhere as they scattered.  I even found one half way up the drive, and their mother was charging round calling for them for some time.  We didn’t see them again for a few days, but I did eventually see here on the burn with a full complement of young.

[Maow – I’ll stick to the tinned stuff in future!]

All safely gathered in

Despite their avian encounter, Piano has had some success in catching birds.   He’s brought us home a greenfinch [bless] and also caught a juvenile blackbird in the back garden.  Three times.  In an hour.  He brought it back alive: I rescued it [in exchange for cat biscuits].  Then he caught it again.  I rescued it again [in exchange for cat biscuits, again].  Just under an hour later he came trotting across from the far side of the property.  With a very much alive juvenile blackbird in his mouth.  It could have been a different bird, but the way it relaxed as soon as I had it in my hands suggested a certain air of familiarity.  He didn’t catch it again [or at least he didn’t bring it home again!] but in any case there comes a point when natural selection has to take its course [or you run out of cat biscuits].  You might be able to buck the market, but you can’t buck Darwin.

Piano has also developed a taste for voles, literally.  The garden seems to have been at least partly restocked with small furry scurrying things after the boys early season hunting successes, and in any case with them ranging further afield there is always quarry out there.  Both of them bring their catches home, but of late, Piano has started eating the voles after he’s finished playing with them.  Not that he’s underfed or anything, but everything goes…

[Maow – crunchy!]

Currently listening to: Trophy Night – The Best Of – Weddings, Parties, Anything.  Melbourne’s finest…


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2 thoughts on “Streaming cats

  1. Chamira on said:

    You’re not being totally honest Neil. I’m sure it is because you want to spare their feelings, but the interweb is made of cat gut, a very effective conductor of HTML protocols & whatnot.

    • Hi Chamira – good to hear from you. You forget the ingenuity of the feline race. Any catgut specified in the construction will have been substituted with vole intestine and stretched sparrow tendons. This also explains the vagaries of interweb performance, at least around these parts!

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