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Stirrings in the woodshed

There’s something stirring in the woodshed.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we had some swallows building a nest in the woodshed.  I’ve been watching them fly in and out, but not much seemed to be happening with the nest, so I decided to risk going in to have a closer look.  And three little pairs of eyes looked back at me.  Their eyes are fully open so they must be at least 10 days old (I think), but the feathers are still fairly rudimentary.  Incidentally I can only tell this from the quick burst of pictures I took: I’m leaving them in peace again now.  The fun will start when they leave the nest.  They tend to start hopping and fluttering around the nesting area before they can fly properly and then return to the nest, so there could still be danger from Piano and Puzzle.  For now, their parents perform a valuable service for me: if I see them dive-bombing something it’s a good bet that one of the cats is hiding in the long grass!

swallow chicks

Something stirring in the woodshed

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