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Zen and the art of online gallery maintenance

I’ve been a bit behind on the blog this month as I’ve been working on a new online project.  I’ve had a casual online photo gallery on Smugmug for a few years, to share a wide range of images with friends and relatives (and any one else who comes across it), but the time has come to up the game.  So I have now launched a new gallery on Zenfolio, which only includes those images that I will be offering for sale.

OldByreSkye gallery

Sleek, slick, minimalist, tasteful – but enough about me…

I suppose you could say it’s the beta version as there is no online ordering of prints yet, but everything else is functional, although there will always be images to add (or remove if they prove not to be commercial, or the gallery is getting too large).  There may not be direct online ordering a I am still playing with the functionality and deciding whether Zenfolio deserve 5% of the income just for providing a forwarding service and a snazzy price list, especially as if I provide the finished goods (rather than one of their ‘partner labs’) I have to collect the money myself anyway.  I’m a tight wotsit so they probably won’t get any more money out of me, seeing as how I’ve already paid them for the hosting and online software and will be doing all the other work as well.  Do visit the gallery and feel free to leave comments in the guestbook.

Our ‘bricks and mortar’ gallery is unlikely to be ready before next Easter (that’s the aim, and I’ll tell you about the local planning bureaucracy some other time) but I’ll be at some craft fairs from August to test the water.  There’s no shortage of competition, although everyone I’ve met so far is very friendly.  My mounting and framing kit needed some upgrading to cope with this, so various bits and bobs should be arriving in the next couple of days.

If you visit the gallery you’ll also see the reversed out version of the new logo – or the reversed out version of it.  The standard version has OldByreSkye in the same blue as the middle underscore, and when resolution allows there is a byline, as below.  The blue and green lines represent the sky, sea, and land.  It’s a bit like the classical elements air, water and earth.  If a volcano suddenly erupts on Skye, I’ll have to add a red line for fire!

OldByreSkye logo

We haven’t yet got the gallery, the cafe or the apartment but hey, we’ve got the logo!

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One thought on “Zen and the art of online gallery maintenance

  1. Mandy Walsh on said:

    Hi Neil, I’m really enjoying reading your blogs about life in the far north!! Keep up the good work 🙂

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