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Oselympics 2012

So, I had to go to the post office on Saturday to sign for a package I missed the day before, that had to be signed for.  (What an exciting life you lead Neil, I hear you all say. I wish I could drive 14 miles to pick up my post).  Not that I didn’t know what it was.  Back when, I entered the ballot for tickets for the Olympics, and ended up with two tickets for the men’s singles and women’s doubles bronze medal tennis.

Going faster than a Bolt…

But, of course, we can’t use them, as we can’t afford the time or money to go back down to London at the moment. It’s a real shame – neither of us expected to see the Olympics in Britain in our lifetime and had both always wanted to go.  Sure, I would rather have got athletics, but Claire used to go to Wimbledon as a teenager, so there was a good connection there.  But it’s not to be.

Selling the tickets (or trying to) has been a real trial.  You may (or may not!) remember that the initial launch of the resale website in January crashed and burned on launch.  The organisers then offered to buy back tickets at face value.  I don’t know how long that lasted, but in between finishing my job and trying to move house we missed it.  Ever since the website has advised that resales would be available again ‘in the Spring’.  I’m not going back into defining Spring again (!), but a week short of the summer solstice is pushing things rather.  Probably no co-incidence that it coincided with the last major release of tickets and has received little publicity.  The headlines are about the number of tickets sold, rather than the percentage that will be used!

* Heaven forbid that I should use the word ‘Olympics’ and the number ‘2012’ directly adjacent in a sentence, especially a title – it might upset McDonalds or the Coca-Cola Corporation because I didn’t pay squillions to have the rights to a number!  Still, if they want to sponsor something here, they can pay me for the rights (for the community good, of course).  And no, there isn’t an Oselympics as far as I know, but maybe this cou;d be the beginning…

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