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Cat on a cold tile roof

The perils of Piano and Puzzle: part two

[Maow – we’re back!)

Piano and Puzzle have settled in nicely and are enjoying having a larger house to chase each other round. They decided to recreate their early days with us by climbing everything possible in the house: back up their old familiar bookcases, up on some new (to them) wardrobes, up on the single bed that is currently standing on its end in the annex and the shelves in the boiler room.  They have also done some unofficial exploring.

A couple of weeks ago they managed to find a loose board at the back of the upstairs shower room where the panelling had been cut away to conceal the stopcock.  When I realised where they had gone I thought I would be able to surprise them by opening one of the storage doors under the eaves as they all connect up, but there was no sign of them.  Turned out that a floorboard had also been removed and they must have been in the void between the floor and the downstairs ceiling!  I caught a slightly sheepish looking Piano emerging, and ever since they have been clamouring to get back into the shower room and the door to their own personal Narnia.  I’ve taped up the panel, so the door is now firmly shut…  [Maow – spoilsport!]

So, comes the moment they have been waiting for.  After nearly three weeks inside (plus two weeks in the cattery) it was time to introduce them to their new territory last Saturday.  There was great excitement when they realised they were going to be carried through the front door when it was opened, rather than deposited in the dining room as usual.  At the moment they are being encouraged to stay in the fenced back garden.  The back garden isn’t that big, but there are plenty of bushes and nooks and crannies in the rockery to investigate, and it gives them a clearly defined territory.   They often, however, have other ideas.  [Maow – leg it!]

 Piano the great (black and) white hunter

I saw a vole here yesterday... Piano, the great (black and) white hunter

Piano has been over the side fence towards the garage, and over the back fence and into the sheep field, although he hasn’t met the sheep face-to-face yet.  The rate he was going he would have been visiting the neighbours had he not finally decided that I hadn’t joined him in the field to play hide-and-seek.  He also saw a field vole by the bird table through the kitchen window the other day (the garden is full of vole holes) and now starts his rounds by stuffing a paw, and as much of his face as will fit, down the most promising holes.

Puzzle, meanwhile, prefers bird watching, which has resulted in one major climbing expedition.  He started by trying to stalk sparrows in the clematis like he used to in London.  The sparrows kept one step ahead.  Like they used to in London.  He followed them along the fence, so they retreated onto the roof.  The eaves are only about ten feet of the ground, so it was no problem to follow them.  They retreated up the roof.  It isn’t a very steeply pitched roof, so it was no problem to follow them.  The sparrows eventually go fed up and flew when Puzzle was attempting to use the chimney as cover.  So he went exploring up over the ridge, peered at us from over the gutter on the other side of the house, and then wandered back up over the ridge and along to the utility room (a single storey lean-to at the end of the main building).  [Maow – I can see for miles and miles!] Having decided he couldn’t climb the television aerial (!), it was onto the utility roof, jump across the gate, and onto the side fence, and shortly after into my grasping hands!  The highest he has been today is the top of the wardrobe…

Cat on a cold tile roof – Puzzle investigates the television arial

Cat on a cold tile roof – Puzzle investigates the television aerial

Currently listening toDust – Peatbog Faeries, Skye’s finest!


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