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We’re on a roll…

So what do we do in Ose of a Sunday?  Well, today it was the Easter egg roll on the township road (a week early this year for administrative reasons).  Prizes are awarded for best decorated egg, chosen by common acclaim, and for the furthest roll. This was our first community event and everyone was very welcoming, as ever – we’ve already met more of our neighbours than we did in London, and it does feel like a community.

The decorations were ingenious, with hedgehogs, beetles (as in the car!), rabbits, flowers, ships, all sorts, all ‘egg’spertly done (it gets worse, believe me!).  I have never decorated an egg before in my life (honest!).  Google came up with various techniques, including using food dyes to produce a marbled effect.  This, of course, it is not as easy as Martha Stewart would have you believe – if she ever actually does anything herself – and starting with a white egg might have been a good idea as well.  Oh, and eggs don’t take up certain commercial red food dyes, although I do now have a recipe for very convincing fake blood, which I will share for a small fee!  So for the second egg I dug out some very old enamel paints, and painted  another egg black, with golden cats eyes and white whiskers.  I also painted part of the kitchen floor white in a careless moment, although a little white spirit soon removed that… Who says never throwing things away doesn’t pay off sometimes!

Ose puts all its eggs in one basket

Common acclaim decided that the cat was, indeed, the cat’s whiskers, and a chocolate egg was duly awarded.  Slightly embarrassing as a first timer, but shows that we’re entering into the spirit of things and trying.

So on to the roll.  The course, as mentioned, is the top of the township road – a fairly gentle, rough tarmac incline.  Eggs to be bowled underarm, one at a time, from behind the marker.  Not too ‘eggs’acting a task, but eggs don’t roll in a straight line, especially on uneven surfaces. More embarrassment follows.  The cat, having almost rolled to almost a stop in about third place starts trickling on downhill again and wins.  More chocolate is awarded, along with the trophy for overall winner.  I really have never done this before and am not as hyper-competitive as some may now be suspecting!  Then out with Claire’s chocolate brownies, which went down faster than the rolling eggs.

A cracking good time, and many thanks to Liz for organising!

Puss in boots*. The Ose egg rolling trophy with the slightly scrambled victor. *Thanks to one of the younger competitors for the caption – she took one look and said "Puss in boots!"

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One thought on “We’re on a roll…

  1. Barbara on said:

    Eggsactually what you need to do to integrate – probably!! You’ll certainly be remembered!!! Glad to hear you’re settling in and look forward to more blogs!!!

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