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Digging for victory…

or even peace with honour…

So, having blogged about the wet weather, we are now having a warm dry spell, which for once means we are in step with the rest of the UK. As you have to take advantage of these things, the gardening has begun. It feels odd starting over. In London we had a not overly large, but very well developed garden, even though I say so myself. Working down the garden, there was a large deck with a trellis over most of it, followed by a circular lawn with a pond at the side, then a mixed bed with herbaceous perennials and shrubs on one side and a ‘wild’ area with a willow tree on the other, and then a screened area with a small greenhouse, a couple of raised beds and some apple minarets.

Here we have a very large canvas.  There is a fenced garden at the back of the house, some grass with a screening rockery at the front, and the rest is either grass or undeveloped.  The garden at the back needs some work, but is not especially urgent.  So I’ve started at the other side, putting in some raised beds for veg behind the garage.  The aim is to put in a polytunnel in the corner of the property where there is some protection from some trees, and try to develop the area in between.

The raised beds are about 4 x12 feet (48 square feet), and I can probably do two a day among the other things that have to be done in a day (if I had an infinite supply of soil and wood!)  Now, an acre is 43,560 square feet and we have approximately 0.6 of an acre. So, if I were to put it all to raised beds, apart from having to demolish the house, it would take me over 544 days, or just over 18 months. I surrender!

Digging for victory

Two spades long, one spade across, and one spa... no, hang on, that's grave digging!

Of course, not all the ground will be put to growing (house, cafe/gallery, car park, back garden etc…) and it won’t all be raised beds either, but don’t be surprised by posts on dodgy backs and the relative merits of different gardening tools!

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