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Exit, persued by vans…

So, from Greenford to the Old Byre in two days.  After a belated departure we arrived safely, and having been assured that we were clear to take possession I drove up from Sligachan to collect the keys, which in the best rural tradition had been lft on the property.  Who needs estate agents…  The removals vans arrived at lunchtime – vans in the plural as the large 18 tonne van couldn’t get down the drive (we have a narrow bridge), so our worldly goods were to be transhipped onto the 12 tonner.  This would have fitted down the drive had it actually kept to the tarmac – there is tarmac at that end of the driveway unlike further down – but in lining up for the bridge it veered off somewhat and became bogged down.

Removals van stuck on the drive

Oops! Strange mating rituals between a removals van and a bin lorry…

Multiple efforts to pull it out with the 18 tonner failed; the efforts of passing lorries and even the local dustbin lorry failed.  Eventually all the efforts finally worked, but at the cost of the clutch onthe 18 tonner…  Transhipment was completed by transit van (transitshipment?).  Despite all this I can’t fault the hard work and good humour shown by the team throughout, so thanks to all at MacDougall’s,  who I can heartily recommend.

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2 thoughts on “Exit, persued by vans…

  1. John Manos on said:

    Amazing – congratulations!

  2. Sounds quite amusing with hindsight, Neil…though I don’t suppose it was hugely funny at the time!

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