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In the beginning…

I threatened that it would happen.  It has happened.  This is it.

We, (my wife and I) will shortly be moving from west London to the Isle of Skye.  By the time we have finished our initial plan, we aim to have a holiday let, a photographic gallery/cafe, and an area to grow fruit and veg, including a polytunnel.  The property we aim to buy to achieve this is The Old Byre at Ose, in the north west of the island.  We have now exchanged on our London property and should exchange on the Byre in the next day or so.

The Old Byre

Initially I’ll be blogging at least once a week to update friends and family (and any stray followers!) as to where we are, and how we are progressing.  As the business builds it will transform into a blog for the business.

For the moment we’re manically packing up the old house while keeping cats Piano and Puzzle entertained.  They’ve been warned about Scotland and will be travelling up on the overnight sleeper in a few weeks.  Tomorrow we attack the garden again, finish packing what we can take from the greenhouse, and clear the last of the rubbish from the shed.  And so it will go until the removals van arrives…

Currently listening to: Ragged Kingdom – June Tabor and Oysterband


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One thought on “In the beginning…

  1. Little me Colin D campbell on said:

    Best of British.That’s always providing that Alec Salmond keeps Scotland in Britain

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